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of a rental or the purchase of a new home ! 

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The meeting will be in-person at your home if possible over a meeting.

Prior to our meeting, we ask that you share this site link with all decision makers who we ask attend.

Also, Please take the time to explore this page, Learn About Us and view examples of our work and testimonial.  

When we meet, we will consider the number of homes on the market in each price tier, the amount of time particular homes have been listed for sale, specific neighborhood trends, the median price and square footage of each home sold and provide you with a comprehensive detailed report through a detailed comparative market analysis. You can see a download a detailed example of what your report will contain along with other analysis we perform. 

When buying, selling or renting will us, we help you make an informed decision to the price of the home. 

Accordingly, there is a current pool of buyers waiting for new listings to hit the market, which is why accurate pricing is crucial, not utilizing a professional or guessing at it can cause you to leave money on the table or overprice your home to were it appears to be something wrong with it from a buyers perspective. This is especially important, when you first list your home, professional marketing and staging your property is crucial to achieving the most amount of when you sell your home. This is were our professional opinion is crucial in advising you.  

When You Hire US !

We will personally invest our time and funds for the marketing, video, photography and drone production of your home. We paid for that. 

We will showcase your home, area and lifestyle, perform a walk-and-talks as in the examples shown below 

Your property will be advertised by professional certified multimedia marketing specialist will advertise to hundreds of real estate and social media sites given your property maximum exposure ensuring that you are achieving maximum exposure and the absolute highest amount for your home ! 





We file all the necessary paperwork, agreements and provide you with maximum convenience by utilizing our information technology and security background, paperless e-signature, secure technologies, teleconferencing, title and mobile notary services and resources so you may go about your normal day, travel, work and leave all the real estate to us. 

All you need is a cell phone; to receive feedback to showing, review and sign agreements.


Regardless of where your are located right now, how many decision makers or

owners are involved we have all the experience and resources ready to assist in your real estate needs regardless of your situation or time frame. 

We have help many through our real estate industry newsletters,  guides and books to help you make informed decisions.

As a courtesy to you, we would like offer you our complementary book

The Secrets for Selling Your Home

It helps illustrate all we do and that is involved in a successful real estate transaction